Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank You with a Photo

I want to take a moment to share something beautiful with you. I also want to take a moment to thank my new followers and all of the lovely comments from everyone. I appreciate the time it takes to leave a comment and all of the beautiful things you have said. I hope you enjoy a few more pictures and I want to remind you to take a break. You deserve it. Get a breathe of fresh air, take a bubble bath, read a book (or a magazine or even another blog post), steal a moment for yourself. Enjoy!



  1. Hi! Thanks for the comments on my blog! I'm now following you too!

  2. If you ever want to get a different point and shoot: I recommend the Canon. I LOVE it. I just want more.

    So, did you see that Simplicity has a photography class for DSLR's? I am also giving away a spot in her class. The link is under my announcements. It's very inexpensive.

  3. OH: and beach plus point and shoot = bad!!! Me too. I paid $150 to fix my camera after taking it to the beach. Ugh. I'd like to take beach photos again. :)

  4. I keep hearing great things about Canon for sure!

    Yes, the beach is not a friend to cameras, but it makes for great pictures!


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