Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Picture Perfect: A Family Reunion

Lorelei is rubbing her hair around and making a mess of it to get her little sister to smile for the camera. (Picture by, My husband)

Hannah showing off her beautiful sunglasses. (Picture by, My Husband)

Hannah and Lorelei in the middle with their cousin. (Picture by, My Husband)

Me and the girls walking down the pier to see our family as they watched the Poker Run. (Picture by my sister-in-law. Thank you.)

Relaxing with Hannah on a beach towel taking a view of family playing on the lake. (Picture by, the girls great Aunt. Thank you.)

Lorelei with her older cousin whom she loves more than anything. (Lorelei is snacking on raisin bread.) (Picture by, Nicole)

Hannah playing in the girls toy house and trying to steal my lens cap. I think she's had enough of the picture taking if you ask me. (Picture by, Nicole)

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