Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday: A Girl and Her Doll

Sew A Skirt or two I suppose. I made Lorelei a skirt with pockets and ruffles. It was a lot of fun and I really liked the turn out. I had to make some adjustments when I was done, but I am still new so I'm okay with that. It fits and looks great on her. In the end I made Hannah her skirt but after making adjustments I made too many apparently. Now Lorelei has a beautiful and matching skirt for her doll. See, everything happens for a reason. Here is my shot of Miss Lorelei with her matching doll.

Straight Out of Camera

The Edit:

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

I feel like I had trouble with this edit. I like the shot (even though Lorelei is disinterested), but I can't seem to fix the (what I'm assuming is) underexposure. Oh my, how I need to read up on photography and my camera. I hope you liked this shot!


  1. Cute shot - it doesn't appear to be underexposed though. If anything, just be careful of your saturation levels but I think the photo is cute.

  2. Ashley, I can definitely see that. I kept thinking she was too pale or white so I added color and then I wanted the pattern to be deep so I made it more contrasted. It was not a good process. I'm glad you like the shot and thanks for the tips! It's always nice to get advice.

    Thank you V for the comment!

  3. Such a cuttie :-) Love the edit! Nicely done!


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