Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Loving Lorelei + Super Laughing, Giggly Hannah

Todays captures are really about that cheesy saying you may have heard (or is it more of a mantra?) "Live, Laugh, Love." Well, we're certainly living. That's for sure, Miss Hannah is definitely laughing and Miss Lorelei is definitely showing off some love. I hope you like my captures. Please enjoy.

Shutter Love: Hearts
Lorelei came running up to me to show me that her dolls hands put together make a heart. "Quick mom! take a picture." I love how this shot shows how creative, loving and smart my beautiful daughter is.


Happiness Project:

Hannah and I were chasing each other around the house and she would tag me and I would tickle her. We were having a wonderful time and I even captured some of her super laughs! I hope you like it.

Today I am linking this up my first shot at
Trendy Treehouse's Shutter Love Tuesday for Hearts and linking up with
Leigh vs. Laundry for The Happiness Project because my girls certainly make me happy.


  1. These are so sweet - love the 2nd shot.

  2. LOVE them both! And, that doll capture certainly takes me back to some sweet, sweet memories. :)

  3. The heart shot is just as precious and you can get and that smile! OH BOY, that smile.... so infectious you can not help but smile back!


  4. Oh my cute!!!! Love these shots :) Eeeeee what a smile!! :)

  5. Oh man! What a beautiful girl!

  6. what a great shot! Such a cute and beautiful little girl!!

  7. Hannah looks about as happy as happy gets!


  8. Oh my goodness. Lorelei melted my heart when she was so eager to show me the heart her dolls hands made. It might be something we know, but to see the realization of a child is wonderful! Also, Miss Hannah is definitely a silly, fun loving child. She loves to laugh and joke about everything!

    Thank you so much for your comments!

  9. Oh, so cute :) Made me smile for sure. Here from Treehouse photo challenge

  10. Beautiful heart shot! Very creative of your daughter.

    Erika B


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