Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catch Up - Baby Wakes Up

Netflix playing an episode of "Bones" in the background. The swoosh and fluff of the washer and dryer are echoing while my 10 year old dog sleeps on the girls blankets, cuddled up next to the couch while I sit with my lap top and become reacquainted with the life of blogging. My life has changed and soon my blog will change as well. I'm not too sure what changes those will be, but please enjoy catching up with me.

Instead of the lake waving and blowing it's cool March breeze outside my tiny condo window I hear birds chirping and kids playing outside. If you remember, I was debating buying a home. Well, my husband and I bought a home just as we found out we were pregnant with baby number three. Yes, a third little girl three months old is lying quietly in her crib taking her morning nap while my oldest is in preschool and my lovely second child is out with her daddy having a daddy-daughter day.

My life is busy and full of doctors appointments, dentist appointments, preschool, school events, cheer leading practice among much more. I enjoy every minute of it. Okay, seriously did you believe that? Okay, so the grass isn't always greener. I really enjoy everything, but I'm looking forward to spring break and trying to relax and spend some one on one time with my girlies. I miss being able to choose my Stay-at-home-mom day, but I'm happy to welcome all of the changes this year has brought.

Well, speaking of changes. My baby is calling me. I will try to commit to some kind of schedule for blogging bouncing around my exercise after the kids go to sleep. Thanks for reading!


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  2. Congrats on your new little one! :0) Good to see you back, I completely understand not being able to commit to a blog schedule, I've been trying to, but life happens. Sounds like a nice life you've got there, can't wait to hear and see more about it.

  3. Lovely to read such good news in your post. Congratulations to all of you with the addition of a little one. Be blessed and happy in your new home. :)

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