Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Theme Thursday: Architecture

First step, features from last weeks Love challenge. Wow! Wonderful captures participants. I am amazed. Thank you so much for linking up for Theme Thursday! Here are my chosen few! Please take a look and pass on the love! (To those of you who are new or haven't linked up in the past you can go here for more information. The link is open all week.)


What a smooch! I love this capture. The color, the time of day, the affection between siblings, everything is wonderful. What great photography and what a wonderful moment to have captured! Nice work.

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Another Day Another Diaper


I really enjoy the connection between the two as well as the scene. Wonderful work!

I melted as soon as I saw this photo. It is absolutely perfect for love!

I really enjoy the creativity of this photographers work. Nicely done.

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Another Day Another Diaper

Okay, Theme Thursday has arrived. This week we are talking all about architecture. I'm interested to see your shots and who gets creative. My capture is actually an archived photo back from March. Yes, I cheated.  I waited until the last minute and it has been raining. This shot is the first one I thought of when I thought back to my archives. I have some pretty architecture captures, but I just love this house. I hope you like it too! 

Architecture by Another Day Another Diaper

Architecture by A Beautiful Life

So what do you think? Link up if  you'd like. Sharing is always the right thing to do. At least that's what I tell my kids. Don't forget to pick up your button before you leave. Also, be sure to take a look at Jennifer's blog. She has a lot of wonderful captures, recipes and fun kids stuff too! Have fun and thank you for participating! 

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Another Day Another Diaper


Next weeks theme is Celebration.
Look Here for future themes and details.

Nicely done last week! I really enjoyed looking through everyones Love photos! Please keep in touch and I'll fill you in on where I've been lately. It's a pretty decent excuse I believe. Thank you for being patient with me!


  1. Love all of these and so very flattered to be a favorite. Thank you

  2. Oh Yay! Thanks for picking my photo. :D

  3. Thank you for hosting. I’m a follower, and this hop is found on a page on my site that lists more than 200 hops, memes, and photo challenges… some for each day of the week. Check under the header for the link to that page. I’ve also just started a BlogFrog community that focuses on hops, carnivals, memes, and photo challenges. Go to to visit & participate.
    I hope you’ll visit me soon and follow back!

  4. I love your photo, i did the same thing with waiting until the last minute... oops! I most definatly think you have a decent excuse!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I would live in that house. Is it weird that I would almost prefer to plop it in a mountainous setting and be completely off the grid...grow my own food and churn my own butter? And Jennifer's shot is exquisite, too!

    Congrats to the winners...very nice work! I love the notebook paper. Cute!

  6. I -DO- like that little house, or stone cottage as it looks like! Soooo cute!

  7. That house is so unusual, I really like the tiled portch over the door. xxx

  8. Neat link up! I like the cottage, it reminds me of living by the sea for some reason. The reflection of a building is a neat idea!

  9. I like that house , it looks like from a kids story :)

  10. Absolutely love that house! And the winner from last week is so sweet!

  11. Hi! Simply adorable site you have here, so I'm now a beloved follower :)...I have a little something for you over at my blog, you should read my 3rd post down on my home page!!


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