Monday, October 18, 2010

Preschool: Nature is All Around Me; Brought to You by D, E and F

Preschool Lesson Plan 2, Theme: Nature, Letters: D, E, F

Today's class was focused on the Earth and all of the nature it holds. The letter D is for Dirt, the E is for Earth and the letter F is for Feather. We discussed with the three three year olds about nature being made up of everything that is not man made. "Something that Mommies and Daddies can't make." How's that sound for a three year old? I actually got a couple laughs with that one. 

We giggled about how we can't make dirt and how funny it would be if we tried and we let the kids ask questions (they didn't have many) and we gave examples of what kind of nature the earth holds. For instance Lorelei brought up nature is when you go hiking. Well, she got that pretty...kind of...close to right. Yes, nature is all around yes and a prime example is when we go hiking!

The kiddos had time to cut, color and write the three letters while gluing feathers and other fun stuff to them. Sheri brought out some brown paper rolls and cut large pieces of "dirt" for the kids to glue other natural objects to. There was green felt for grass, dark brown felt for mud, light blue felt for clouds provided by Jenn and natural objects such as sticks and leaves provided by Sheri. Lorelei and I brought in some handfuls of feathers. 

I only got a shot of Lorelei's project and I have to say she was more interested in dumping the glitter once that came out rather than really focusing on her picture. She has really enjoyed making art lately, but mostly taking it apart. 

Please note throughout the kids very serious crafting faces! They mean business. It's always nice to see the kids taking it seriously.

Sheri read a book about leaves that the kids really enjoyed. After the book and snack time we discussed the seasons with the kids and what happens with the leaves and why they change. 

My goal by the end of the school year is to help Lorelei learn social interaction skills she can use within the years as well giving her a warm and comfortable place to flourish that peaks her interest in learning. I would also like to watch Lorelei and learn about her and what she needs as a person; who she wants to be and what interests her to better equip me for the upcoming years (yes I said me. Is that selfish?). As far as specifics for class I guess you'll have to keep on reading as the year goes on!

Please feel free to comment on any links or activities that you like, have done or may be useful! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love seeing this because it inspires me to work with my son more. All their serious faces is so cute. :)

  2. Eden loved the project, too! I cannot believe that Rhys slept through the whole thing!

    Side note: man, those wires in these photos need to go away. We really really need to finish our kitchen! :)


  3. It was an awesome lesson! Perfect project too! I am already starting to thing of things i can put in the "I spy" box :)

  4. Sarah, it really is great to get the kids together. I definitely recommend it!

    Sheri, I could not believe it either. He must not have been feeling well and really needed that sleep. Also, I wouldn't worry about the kitchen! It takes time!

    That is such a great idea Jenn! I think Lorelei enjoyed herself this last time too! I can't wait for the next one!


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