Monday, February 21, 2011

Updates and Pictures

So what's new? Well, a lot I suppose. I'm not even sure if I can remember everything to be able to fill you in on all of it, but I will give it a decent try. If you read my last and most recent post since November you may now know that I have a brand new camera. Woohoo. It is a Canon Rebel T1I and I know barely anything about it so bare with me and my so-so skills.

Here is an Oops shot, but a lovely shot at that. Miss Hannah seems to enjoy my new camera. There were actually a lot of shots taken in her jammies this day and a lot of them were of better quality, but isn't she just so happy. ;)
Here are the pig tails. Now, I do understand that my lighting is suppose to be behind me and not my subject but again. Can you deny this cute face. Hee.

Hannah likes her piggies tails. She loves playing salon and getting her hair combed while watching in the mirror. Note the beautiful pillow behind my Miss Hannah oh so adorably playing with her pig tails. Miss Hannah picked out that fabric all herself and mommy made her a pillow case. I will post more projects at a later date. So far I have completed Princess sheets, pillow case and a blanket for Lorelei as well as Hannah's pillow case. I have a long list to go. ;)

Update on my 20 month old...she can jump and jump she does. Wooh. Now if only my doctor hadn't told me "You're not old or getting old...but you're old" I might have the same amount of energy as her. I try! I have even tried my best to attend a yoga class with my friend. It is very nice, relaxing and even challenging. Don't tell anyone else's only the beginners class, but challenge me it does.

Do you recall me telling you last time that my husband has a third baby. Yes, it is true. It's his computer and while he was under the desk working on it Miss Hannah Lee climbed onto his chair. Well worth the climb I think. I love you Hannah! By the way, if you know my husband you should certainly contact him for a computer build. This man is awesome.

Oh, Miss Lorelei. She is wonderful isn't she. (A mother has bragging rights you know.) She wanted to dress up in my clothes and I never say no. Okay, there is the occasion, but what little girl didn't like dressing in mommies clothes as a child. I know I did. This shot above is of her posing for me. Isn't she beautiful! Behind this posing model is my husbands computer. See what I'm saying. Look at the size of that tower. It's almost as big as my almost four year old.

 A smooth and gliding princess. There is a commercial on Nick Jr. of an Indian Princess trying on her mommies clothes and Lorelei likes to dress just like her. She loves to dance and pretend and most of it revolves around Princesses.

I believe this is part of a dance move. Nice moves silly! I love you Miss Lorelei. May I add we have dance parties almost daily in our house. It is a lot of fun for everyone. ;) Maybe some day I'll actually find a ballet class in my area for her to attend. Ooh, maybe gymnastics.

 Lorelei went to her room and came back ready to pose more without my scarf and with her party crown. I think she is a natural.

Oh, what a way to end todays post. I'm guessing here that she is done. She is getting so old and so big. I can't believe how fast kids really do grow up. It's funny how in the early stages you feel so foggy and dazed (with lack of sleep) and before you know it you're awake and they have grown!

Well, speaking of growing and changes I plan on changing this blog almost completely. I have yet to decide what the layout or design will be, but the thoughts are rolling around in there. I have even thought about changing the name. Oh, that reminds me...there aren't any more diapers in this house! Woohooo. Mini party. Well, there are pull-ups, but no more diapers. There have been diapers in my house for almost four years! I don't know how parents of multiples do it. I might miss it though...not the diapers, but the stages. If only I could kick that pacifier out of my house.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave comments if you wish and let me know what you think. How is life for you? It's been a while.

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